First Blog Post: Welcome to AVZIEE

Hello my loves! And welcome to my official beauty blog…

I have finally decided to make a blog! After a lot of planning, re-designing, photo-shooting and editing; my blog is finally up and running. And that too, on my 20th birthday! I always wanted a blog and I am super excited to begin my journey. My first post has definitely got to be a little introduction to my blog. I’m going to answer some questions I’ve been frequently asked and give a little description of what this blog is about.

So, what will I be sharing with you all on this blog?

Well, as most of you may know, I have recently started a beauty page on my Instagram (if you don’t follow me on insta yet, go follow my page! @avziee) Although I can add a lot of details in my captions about my makeup looks and the products I use, I still feel a blog is necessary to tell you all about things in better detail. My blog will not just be about beauty, I’m going to talk about fashion, some of my experiences and general chit chat/advice about life in these blog posts. 

Am I a certified makeup artist?

For all those people who have asked or are wondering; no, I am not a certified makeup artist. I love makeup and have learnt mainly from practice and YouTube tutorial videos. The main thing that really advanced my skills was becoming a beauty consultant. I worked as a beauty consultant for No7 at Boots for a year. During this time I got to work on many different face shapes, skin colours, eye colours/shapes, basically lots of different kinds of features and people with various different styles. Applying makeup on so many other people really challenged my skills and improved them. 

Do I do makeup and blogging as my full time career?

Nope! I work in recruitment full time. My beauty page, freelancing and blog are the things I run on the side. When people ask me why I am doing both I can never explain that I love both equally. I love working in recruitment and I love makeup. I think this blog allows me to explore my creativity whilst I can also continue working in the field I want to. I do work full time though, so it’s quite a lot to manage sometimes.

Will I be starting a YouTube channel?

I am considering it and if I do, I will start a YouTube channel in 2017. No official confirmation for that though! I am still unsure about that much exposure.

I have literally been contemplating whether to start a beauty page/blog for over 2 years now. Although I have thought about doing YouTube videos a lot previously, I never felt as though I was ready to put so much of my life out there on social media. Unfortunately you can’t put yourself in the spotlight without receiving negativity as well as positivity. This was basically another reason why I was so unsure. I wasn’t able to decide whether the negativity was worth it? You put so much of your time and effort into these things and even though you receive a lot of love and good vibes, you have the odd few people who decide to spread negativity around you. However, I am here now and ready to update you all with lots of new and exciting things! 

Tomorrow at 12pm I will have a new blog post up for you all. But until then, subscribe to my blog and you’ll receive an email every time I put a new blog post up. You’ll never have to miss a thing! (Option to follow is at the bottom of the page.) And if you made it to the end, thank you for reading this and I hope you enjoyed. 

Yours truly,


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