CONCEALERS – My top 3 favourites.

Hello my loves! I hope you are all well. Apologies for my absence over the last few weeks. I have been a little busy recently and have not been able to fit writing blog posts into my schedule. However, in the meantime I have been planning/working on some new things to improve my blog and beauty page on Instagram. I believe I have got what I need and I am ready to resume blogging again! 

So without further ado, let’s get straight into this blog post…
Today’s post is a beauty post and is all about my top three favourite concealers! I will speak about them in order of my favourite first and put what shade I personally use next to the name for each one.

*Let me give you guys some background info on my history with concealers before we start*

My favourite concealer used to be MAC prolong wear concealer at a time until it started to dry out my under eyes. It has amazing coverage but my under eyes would go so dry with it I would always have to remove my concealer and re do it. And that is not a fun thing to do when you’re running late! For some reason the concealer used to go patchy under my eyes which is when I switched it up to my Maybelline concealer.

1. Maybelline anti age rewind concealer – in the shade ‘Nude’. 

I have used many concealers guys but this is the one for me! I absolutely love it. From colour to consistency to how affordable it is. Every single thing about this concealer is perfect. The only real problem I have with it is that it finishes way too quickly! 

Overall, this concealer has medium coverage but can be built up to full coverage. I always go back to this concealer no matter what happens. It is definitely a holy grail product for me! This is easy to purchase from your local drugstores. I do wish it came in more colours so a bigger range of skin colours could use it as it only comes in two shades; light and nude. If you have dry under eyes then this is definitely recommended! 

2. LA girl pro conceal HD concealer – (shades used listed below)

This concealer is known to be MAC prolong wear concealers dupe. 

Do I agree?


This concealer has great coverage and consistency. I would say it’s very identical to the prolong wear concealer except it’s not as drying on the under eyes.

I actually love this concealer so much I also use it to colour correct and contour! 

Normal shade to conceal is: 

Medium Beige

Under eyes/uneven skin (darker parts of the face) colour correct shade: 


(LA girl do have colour correctors which I have heard are great but I personally find that any orange corrector I use seems too orange and I can never manage to cover it properly because the orange still shows! So for me Fawn is a great peachy-orange shade to colour correct!)

Contour shade:

Beautifully bronzed (LOVE this shade to cream contour and it suits all skin tones!)

P.S. you can buy this one at your local Beauty Base stores.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this concealer for those of you looking for a full coverage concealer. 

3. Urban Decay weightless concealer – in the shade ‘Medium neutral’.

Last, but not least, Urban Decay’s weightless concealer. I really like this concealer because the consistency matches Maybelline’s age rewind concealer. Like Maybelline’s concealer this one has a creamy consistency and doesn’t leave your eyes feeling dry which I love! I would say the coverage is medium but can be built to full coverage as well.

I usually use a translucent powder to set my under eyes. My favourite translucent powders are No7 pressed translucent powder or RCMA no colour powder. I find that these are the best translucent powders in the market. I have also tried the much raved about Laura Mercier translucent setting powder but I don’t like it. I don’t know why but it definitely doesn’t suit me!

So that is all for today, if you made it until the end thank you for reading this and I hope you enjoyed! Please let me know your thoughts or if you have any questions feel free to get in touch with me via the ‘Contact Me’ page or if you have any comments put them in the ‘Leave a reply’ section on the Contact Me page where what you write gets posted here!

My next post is going to be another post from my ‘let’s get serious’ series. So watch out for it! Coming up very soon…

I love you all.



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