Let’s get serious: Parents and elder family members on social media.

Hi my loves! I hope you are all well. 

Today’s post will be about something that’s been on my mind lately. It’s a lesson I have learnt over time which I would like to share with you all!

Parents/elder family members being on social media.

*Just to clarify, before anyone presumes anything, I am actually in favour of our elder generations being on social media. Read ahead to find out what I have learnt over time…*

Actually, what inspired me to do this blog post is seeing so many people of my age who I have seen freaking out about their family members being on social media or just their parents being up to date with what’s currently trending.

I feel as though our generation tends to dislike the thought of our elders being on social media. I know this doesn’t apply to everyone and some of us are okay with it. But I have seen a lot of young people speak about how this bothers them. They find it embarrassing and don’t really feel comfortable sharing a social media platform with their family members. 

Having family on social media can sometimes be a bit intense. You feel the need to watch out on what you say and do. Everybody has a different side with their friends and a different side with their family. And we expose different sides of our inner personalities to our family and friends which is why I know it’s hard to balance this when you have friends and family on social media.

The problem is the mindset that our elder family members should not be a part of social media or a part of what’s currently trending. 

The reality is, our elder family members or parents have lives too. Just because they have kids or they are grown adults doesn’t mean that they aren’t allowed to have a life? I have seen people of my age point out how our parents take more selfies than us these days. At first, I thought ‘Damn, it’s true. Our elder generation really is so out there.’ I then thought, ‘But will I ever stop using the most popular social media platforms? Will I stop taking selfies? Will I stop living and having fun once I’m a parent?’ I realised, I won’t stop. 

The same way we have kept up to date with social media sites, starting from Hi5, Bebo, MSN, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so many more… Why should they stop being up to date with them? Maybe my social media usage will decrease because I’ll have more responsibilities or I will have to watch what I say and do a little, or I may be busier but think about it yourself, will you not get the newest iPhone/Samsung or whichever new phone will be out when you’re a parent? Will you not use its latest features? 

You will do all these things. You will be up to date because your life won’t stop just because you’re a grown adult now with responsibilities. Or just because you have kids you will not stop because it’s their turn. It is their turn, but your turn isn’t over just because theirs has begun. 

Anyways, my point is, we don’t realise it but one day we will be their ages in similar situations to them and we won’t stop being ‘cool’. So they should not stop either for your comfort. It’s a selfish thought to think that our elder generations shouldn’t be on social media and shouldn’t do certain things all because they have kids. 

All of that also doesn’t mean that it’s appropriate to go over board with all the social media usage. There is no problem as long as the people using social media can use it wisely. Whether it’s the elder generation or the younger generation.

So that is all for today, if you made it until the end thank you for reading this and I hope you enjoyed! Please let me know your thoughts or if you have any questions feel free to get in touch with me via the ‘Contact Me’ page or if you have any comments put them in the ‘Leave a reply’ section on the contact me page where what you write gets posted here!

Yours truly,

Avz X

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