Our little world vs The real world

Hi my loves and a very Happy New Years to all my wonderful readers! 

Before I get into what this post is about, I’d just like to say a big thank you to everyone for all the support I’ve received last year and all the good wishes. 2016 was a rollercoaster but I finally decided to do what I love and most of all, start a blog. 

My blog was mainly created so people could get a better insight to my thoughts. Having a beauty page/YouTube channel does not allow people to get to know me personally. So this is my way of being able to communicate with you all. I have had a lot of people tell me “You can’t change the world.” Or things such as “Most people won’t mend their ways.” But I disagree. It’s true. It’s partially true. I’ll explain why in a moment, I just have another example to give to you guys.

So, I remember a few years back me and my friend were out. She was having a chewing gum and dropped the wrapper on the floor. I was so confused because there was a bin about three steps away from her? Why did she throw the chewing gum wrapper on the floor? So, I was honest and asked, “Why did you do that? There’s a bin right here.” Her answer broke my heart. Literally guys, my heart broke a little. She said, “Everyone does it. It doesn’t matter.” I then said, “Yeah, but you should make a change then. ‘Everyone‘ is wrong. At least you can make the right choice?”And once again, her answer broke my heart a little more. “What difference am I going to make if everyone else is going to continue as they are?” I, of course then went on to explain that just because everyone else is doing something wrong does not mean she should do it as well. Of course she makes a difference and that she should explain the same thing to others as well. She agreed and we went on. What she chose to make out of that conversation is something I don’t really know because we lost touch after a few years. 

Anyways, the reason why I linked this to what people have to say about my blog is because people think that inspiring/changing a few readers won’t make a difference. Little do they know, it can change the world. There are endless possibilities out there which we can’t even imagine sometimes. If I can even inspire one person, they may then go on and inspire some of their friends and family, maybe a stranger they have a chat with on a flight, their current/future husband/wife. So not only will they inspire those individuals, those individuals will go on to inspire their future families, their kids, their friends, the strangers they meet in their lifetime and so on. One of those individuals may become a famous writer, a well-known motivational speaker. They may go on to become someone who can reach a bigger audience than me and inspire an even bigger set of people! You don’t realise it, but there’s a huge chain of people I may be able to inspire. So I’d just like to say, don’t underestimate the power of inspiration. One person can change the world, and if not the world then a part of the world. Change is change, whether it’s a big change or a small change. There’s nothing too little when it comes to change and nothing too big.

I’m sorry to have to add that to the beginning of my post, I just wanted to clear that out before I get into the real topic. 

A few months ago, my cousin said something which became an idea that changed me. It made me see things differently. A big shout out to him for having this thought to begin with, he will probably read this at some point so I would like him to know that I am so glad we had that conversation that day.

I can’t really get into the details of the conversation or what started it, but what he said was “The thing is, people are so caught up in the little things in life. Who said what, who wore what, who’s doing what. What happened at this place or what did they do. Those things are the little things in life that aren’t even important. I sat in a car this week that literally drives itself. I don’t have to do anything. The car can literally drive itself to my selected destination. There are ways being created for human life to begin on the Moon, but people are concerned about such petty little things. I don’t get it. There’s so many bigger things in life.” And it was like someone had literally opened my eyes even more to how silly the things we think/worry about are sometimes.

The thing is, I am generally the kind of person who doesn’t really care much about what people are doing. I’m not judgemental most of the time. But being a human, of course I have moments where I can be judgemental too. I don’t care about the trivial things some people care about. I’m cool as long as you’re cool. In fact, even if you’re not cool I am cool. If you have a certain style, that’s fine. If you’re skinny, that’s okay. If you’re ‘not skinny’ that is fine as well. Going to do further studies? Great. Going to work instead? That’s good. What you wear, how you look, what you choose to do with the rest of your life. ANYTHING is okay as long as you are okay with it. It is none of anybody’s business and you should not allow the negativity in other people’s judgements affect you. You are better than that and don’t need anyone’s approval for what is right or wrong in your life. It is YOUR life. Other people are linked to it, your family is linked to it, some close friends are linked to it. Consider their opinions, but you don’t have to put those to action if you don’t completely believe in them. 

Why is it such a need for people to say negative things all the time? You should be so busy in improving yourself and your life and just living that nothing else should be relevant. In this day and age, social media allows us to know what’s going on in everyone’s lives all the time. Which has its pros and cons. But it’s how we use social media to reach out to people… it is how we use social media to take new things in. We should be learning and growing as individuals. If not that, at least simply using social media without the irrelevant chit-chat that it may bring. Yet, time and time again I see people talking about mindless things.

I am not perfect and I occasionally talk about people or what someone’s doing and I guess it’s a part of our nature to be curious in what’s going on around us. It is when we allow only that to take over our lives is when it’s unnecessary. It’s not wrong and those who want to go ahead and continue as they are can do so. I just think there’s a bigger picture we forget to look at. We think our lives are just about these few people around us. When really, there’s a whole world out there. There are more relevant, more important things than some of the basic chit-chat that we usually have. Think about it, think about what you are prioritising and making a conversation about vs what really matters, what’s really a bigger thing to look at.

To conclude this post I would just like to say, live your life looking at bigger and more important things. It doesn’t matter who’s doing what. You do you and keep going. Prioritise the bigger things in life. All the mindless chatter that goes on will only prevent you from growing as a person. You will only truly find the real world when you come out of the small world you’re in. Let your mind be open to the bigger picture. Last, but not least, be comfortable with who you are and don’t let anyone tell you any different. If you’re okay, it doesn’t matter if they are not.

Thank you for reading this and I hope you enjoyed! Please let me know your thoughts or if you have any questions feel free to get in touch with me via the ‘Contact Me’ page or if you have any comments put them in the ‘Leave a reply’ section at the bottom of the page where what you write gets posted here! I’d love to read what you think.

Yours truly,

A x

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