A letter to the parents of the world

Dear Mum & Dad or in some cases just Mum or just Dad,

This is a letter to the most important people/person in my life. You may not ever realise how much I truly love you . This is a letter to express some of this love to you and it is also a letter to apologise. 
First of all, I love you. I may shout, I may get moody, angry, difficult to handle, I may seem ungrateful sometimes but I need you to know that I love you no matter what and I love you the most.

Sometimes I get carried away with the things I want to do and sometimes I just don’t think. If I unintentionally hurt you or make you feel as though I don’t appreciate you, just know that that’s not true. I appreciate you and aknowledge all that you do for me. 

I am also very sorry. I’m sorry that sometimes I do things that aren’t exactly what you may expect of me or want me to do. I have to do what makes me happy as well after all. I don’t forget the little things you do for me and I don’t forget the big things you do for me either, but I hope I can do something special for you one day. To make you proud. 

I can’t be perfect. I can’t do everything according to your plans. I get carried away or choose other things sometimes. It doesn’t mean I love or respect you any less, I’m just making my own decisions! I know that sometimes you disagree with the decisions I make. And sometimes you’re right. But you have to let me learn from my mistakes. You have to let me grow. Remember when I was a child? You used to warn me not to go near a hot iron/near the stove in the kitchen so I don’t burn myself. This was one of the most basic life lessons you tried to teach me. Even as a child I used to try to embrace that danger. Knowingly or unknowingly I was making a mistake by doing this. But when I went close to the hot iron/stove I felt the heat, I felt that I could burn myself and you were right. This lesson is a lesson I wouldn’t have learnt if I had always stood far away from the iron/stove. I’m aware you only want the best for me and your aim is to protect me which is why you try to teach me things but I had to go close to it, I had to feel it and maybe even get burnt to realise that this is a mistake and I need to be careful. That you are right. 

This also applies to more serious real life situations. Some life lessons are only learnt by making a mistake. So forgive me for not listening to you, whether it’s the hot iron/stove, a bad boy/girl you want me to stay away from or a negative influence/friendship group that you don’t approve of. Sometimes I don’t understand what you want because you have experience and know what you’re talking about. But I don’t. Your simple explanations aren’t enough to keep me away from the danger sometimes. I need to create experience and make the mistake to learn and know.

I also can’t promise you that I’ll not disappoint you again. There will come times again, when you want something different to what I want. I’m sorry that I won’t be able to listen to you sometimes. Sometimes I’ll have to do what I think is best for me rather than what you think. But that won’t mean I love you any less. 

So forgive me, for every time I may have made you feel let down or disappointed or will make you feel this way. Forgive me for not always being able to meet all of your expectations. But I love you so much. And you love me too. After all, that’s what a parent-child relationship is, right? We love each other no matter what. We’re family.

With love,

All the kids of the world. 

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