When is it really her life? 

Hello lovely readers! I hope you are all well. First of all, I am sorry for my absence on my blog recently. (I know, I say this every time) But I promise to be more active now! 

So as you all know, I either blog about makeup/beauty or general life and some topics that are close to my heart. Usually what I write is always based upon some of my personal experiences or the things I have seen and learnt. I like to talk about the things that are close to my heart and the topic for today is the typically Asian mindset towards the women in their homes.
Growing up most girls have to listen to their families and what they approve or disapprove of. Whenever the girl tries to defy what she is being told there is a common answer most families give to their girls, ‘You’re in our house for now, when you get married then you can do what you want in your Husband’s house’. And there are too many things wrong with that sentence already. First of all, why is it my Husband’s house? Are we not equal? Will it not be our house and not just his? When will I ever have a home if today I am in your house and tomorrow I am in his house? 

I understand that the exact same line isn’t used by everyone and this is said in many different ways but it’s wrong either way. 

The women in these houses are brought up being told that they cannot do some things because they have to follow their family’s rules as she lives under her parents roof. A woman is told that she may do what she likes at her Husband’s house but when she goes to her Husband’s house what is she told? She then has to hear, ‘You’re not a child anymore. You should have done what you wanted at your parents house. Now you have responsibilities. My family won’t be okay with these things.’ Or the husband is not okay with it himself in general. All I am trying to get you guys to think about is, when is a woman truly living her life then? Today it’s her family and tomorrow it’s his, eventually she’ll have her own family and then her life will be dedicated to her kids and their upbringing.

Unfortunately what we all miss in this cycle is a woman is always made to feel like she doesn’t really have a home. Her parents house is temporary and her Husband’s house isn’t her own. So where does she truly stand? Where does she belong? 

I appreciate the fact that this isn’t how it is in every home and this might not apply to you or your family or anyone you know at all. But I know some of you reading this will be able to relate to this in some ways or at least know someone this may relate to.

What I’m trying to get at is, the woman you are restricting from making her own decisions, the woman you are not allowing to blossom and grow will never be able to live her life. She’ll always be under someone. Today it’s you, tomorrow it’s him and one day it’ll be responsibilities

It’s very comfortable and easy to tell someone what to do and what not to do and you may not realise it but you’re stopping this person from being who they are. Heck, you’re not even allowing them to find who they are let alone be who they are. 

I urge all of you to think about this. Think about the woman in your home or around you stuck in these restrictions. It’s not fair. There isn’t even an explanation behind it. If you can do as you please, so can she. She wasn’t born to live under anyone’s instructions. 

Some of you who are more orthodox will be reading this and thinking ‘What nonsense.’

That’s okay. Not all of you have to agree with me. Not all of you have to agree completely either.

 But for those who do, for those who feel the same I would just like to say one thing – go and implement this. Go right now. Bring up your kids in the right way. Teach your daughters, sisters, cousins, friends, teach your mother. You are not made to follow the instructions or restrictions of another. Live your life as you please. Go, dream and make those dreams come true. Don’t let anyone take that from you. 

That was all for today, I hope you guys made it to the end and enjoyed reading this. And if you relate to this, please share this post with your friends and families. Spread the word and let’s try to make the point to the people who need to rethink their mindset. 


Yours truly x

One thought on “When is it really her life? ”

  1. We all are agree with you Avziee you are absolutely right
    and there should be always right for the women to live their life the way they want to live and not under any conditions of Parents or Husband
    Good luck my Love

    Liked by 1 person

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